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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Importance of AC Maintenance

A Yearly Air Conditioning Tune Up Has Big Benefits

With regularly scheduled maintenance, your heating and cooling system will last longer, operate using less energy, have better balanced temperature control, and break down less.

  • More Efficient: HVAC systems can operate 20% more efficiently with proper maintenance.
  • Fewer Interruptions: 90% of HVAC repairs are due to lack of proper maintenance.
  • Lower Bills: Committing to an annual tune-up can lower your energy bills by up to 50%.
  • Longer Equipment Life: Preventative maintenance helps your HVAC equipment last 8-12 years longer compared to reactive service repairs.
  • Warranties: Annual maintenance by an authorized service provider like Capital Heating & Cooling in New Berlin is required to keep your warranty valid. Skipping an annual maintenance visit can result in warranty coverage being denied by the manufacturer.
  • Indoor Air Quality: a clean system means cleaner air. Cleaner air means a healthier family, customers, and employees.

Lack of AC Maintenance Can Cause Big Problems

Lack of proper air conditioning maintenance leads to premature breakdowns, potential safety hazards, and inefficient operation mainly caused by leaking refrigerant, worn-down motors, and electrical issues.

Leaking refrigerant
A well maintained AC should not loose coolant; if you’re AC is low on refrigerant it means you have a leak. Loosing refrigerant causes your air conditioning system to lose its cooling power, which means it has to run harder to cool your home ultimately causing you higher cooling bills. Refrigerant leaks will also lead to icing across the coils and damage to the compressor.

During your annual maintenance visit, our HVAC maintenance experts inspect the refrigerant lines, the compressor, and the coils to check the refrigerant level to make sure your AC hasn’t lost its charge or corrosion and for corrosion has led to leaking refrigerant.

Worn-down motors
As your AC works hard all summer to keep you cool, things like dirt, debris and dust find its way into your HVAC system. This layer of grime and dirt increases the friction on the moving parts of the motor and can lead to the motor wearing down and burning out early, which will require replacement. Once a year it’s important to have a professional HVAC technician clean your air conditioning.

Electrical issues
If the wiring in your AC system becomes frayed or comes loose, the electrical panel may fail. Disconnected or loose wiring can also mean important components like the thermostat aren’t getting the electricity they need to operate. During your annual AC tune up, our AC technicians perform a full check of your air conditioning’s electrical systems.


Does a new AC System Need Maintenance?

Absolutely. One very important thing after your new AC installation is to keep up with the annual maintenance service.  Properly maintained HVAC equipment lasts 8-12 years longer than those who rely on reactive air conditioning repairs.  Especially with rental properties, because even the best tenants won’t treat it like you would so it’s important to have it serviced every year by a professional HVAC company. Your HVAC Company should perform a tune-up on your AC every spring, including changing the air filters. This will help you avoid expensive emergency repair bills, and keep you cool and happy with low energy bills.

What to Expect from an Air Conditioning Maintenance Company in Milwaukee & surrounding areas

AC Tune Up Checklist Covers Routine Maintenance

The main purpose of AC maintenance is to extend the life of your air conditioning system, avoid expensive AC repairs, and to increase energy efficiency resulting in lower cooling bills. When choosing an HVAC company in Waukesha or Milwaukee Counties, it’s important to understand what’s included with your air conditioner maintenance. The caliber of HVAC company you choose will impact the quality of AC maintenance service you receive.

Capital Heating & Cooling closely follows ACCA’s strict guidelines of air conditioning maintenance, including the minimum level of acceptable inspection tasks for HVAC maintenance inspections. These standards were developed primarily because the varying types and intensity levels of “clean and checks,” “seasonal tune-ups,” and “maintenance services” from local HVAC contractors can be confusing and misleading to everyday homeowners.

In line with ACCA & Energy Star, Capital Heating & Cooling uses the following AC maintenance checklist, to keep your home air conditioning system running efficiently. Once year you should have your cooling system checked out by a professional HVAC company. Below, our New Berlin HVAC Maintenance technicians discuss some of the annual checks and changes we perform:

1. Test starting capabilities
2. Monitor refrigerant pressure
3. Test safety controls
4. Tighten electrical connections
5. Lubricate all moving parts
6. Check batteries in thermostat
7. Adjust thermostat calibration
8. Clean condenser coil
9. Clean condensate drains
10. Measure temperature difference
11. Monitor AC cycles
12. Check safety and limit switches
13. Check circuit boards
14. Check capacitor output
15. Check voltage
16. Check amperage
17. Check drain pan safety switch
18. Change standard pleated 1″ air filter

A legit air conditioner tune-up takes about 60- 90 minutes and requires specialized equipment. Our New Berlin AC maintenance technicians arrive on time, dressed in uniform and ready to get to work with their checklist of items to inspect, test, clean, adjust and replace if needed. Included with every service is our Red Carpet Respect Guarantee & 1 year AC repair guarantee.

Need to schedule AC maintenance? Contact our New Berlin AC Maintenance Technicians Now.


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