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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Signs You May Need an AC Tune-up

Our Milwaukee AC Maintenance Company Saves You Money By Helping You Avoid AC Repairs with Simple Maintenance Checks

Our AC repair Milwaukee HVAC technicians know air conditioner repairs and replacements aren’t always necessary. Oftentimes, your system just needs a detailed AC tune-up to restore it back to optimal performance. Below, we’ve provided a list of signs which may reveal your system needs AC maintenance.

  • The air coming out of your system feels warm or room-temperature
  • The air flow coming out of your AC unit seems weak or slow
  • There is no air flow coming out of your system
  • There is moisture building up around your unit
  • There is visible dirt or dust in or around the unit
  • There is dirt or dust coming out of the unit 
  • There is a musty smell coming out of your AC system
  • There are unusual noises coming out of your AC unit
  • Your electric bill has noticeably risen since turning on your system

If you’ve noticed one or more of the above signs you should request a service appointment from our Milwaukee AC maintenance technicians. Letting AC issues continue creates more wear and tear on your system, raises your utility bills and increases related fire hazards, not to mention compromises your comfort!

Even if you aren’t experiencing any of the above AC problems it’s recommended you have your system checked annually to ensure everything is working at optimal efficiency and performance. With regular AC tune-ups you can prevent costly and inconvenient AC breakdowns in the dead of summer.

Contact our Milwaukee HVAC company today to schedule your home AC maintenance services today.

Signs Your Commercial AC System Needs Maintenance

While commercial air conditioning systems typically run longer and work harder compared to residential cooling systems, the warning signs are similiar. If you’re noticing any of the below problems, it’s time to contact a commercial air conditioning specialist:

Uneven cooling: If customers or employees complain about some rooms feeling cooler than others, it could mean a leak or damaged duct work, broken thermostat, or your AC system all together may be losing its cooling abilities.

Strange noises from the vents: Most commercial air conditioning systems are packaged units which are housed on the roof, making it hard to hear any mechanical warning noises they might make. More commonly, the strange noises will carry through the duct work and sound like distant banging, clanging or screeching come from the vents.

• Rising energy bills: An unexplainable spike in your monthly energy bills usually means your AC system is not operating as efficiently as it should due to things like insufficient air flow, dirt or debris clogs, or worn out or failed parts.

Capital Heating & Cooling specializes in Commercial & Residential AC maintenance. No matter the warning signs, or type of AC system you have it’s important to contact a AC maintenance expert before these subtle signs quickly turn into a complete failure of your cooling system.

The Milwaukee HVAC Company Dedicated to Your Comfort and 100% Satisfaction

Unlike other HVAC companies in Milwaukee, our AC Maintenance technicians are upfront and honest about your service needs. We never try to upsell or nickel and dime you. We know our customers appreciate being given the best deals while still receiving the highest quality workmanship from exceptionally skilled technicians. At Capital Heating & Cooling we’re dedicated to your comfort and your 100% satisfaction, which is why we continually provide the industry’s best tips and tricks.

Contact our Milwaukee HVAC company today to schedule your Commercial AC maintenance services today.


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