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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Pet Dander and the Effects on Indoor Air Quality

Remove Pet Dander WaukeshaOur Waukesha air filtration installers know pet dander is responsible for causing allergic reactions in approximately 10 million Americans. Pet dander is composed of microscopic skin cells. These dead skin cells flake off to make room for new skin cells (just like humans). Since “dander” is a natural skin shedding process, this means non-shedding pets and hypoallergenic pets still produce dander. Even if you regularly wash your dog or cat with dander-removing products, these have not been shown to be any more effective than simply bathing your pet.

Dander is a sticky allergen, which collects in air ducts, vents, carpets, drapes, blinds, blankets, pillows and furniture. Even after a pet has been removed from the home, pet dander continues to linger for up to 6 months unless properly treated by our Waukesha air duct cleaning and air filtration specialists.

Along with regular air duct cleaning and a good air filtration system, HEPA filters have been shown to remove significant amounts of pet allergens, including pet dander. HEPA filters paired with air duct cleaning and a quality air filtration system are especially important for allergy sufferers living in or visiting pet-friendly homes, as well as businesses like pet groomers, pet boarding facilities, pet-friendly hotels, pet-friendly nursing homes/assisted living facilities and pet-friendly restaurants/bars.

Our Waukesha air filtration system installers serve residential and commercial customers throughout Southeast Wisconsin. We provide comprehensive indoor air quality control services, including air duct cleaning, HEPA filter installation, UV filter installation, humidifier systems and more.

Contact our Waukesha air filter installers today to learn more about indoor air quality or to schedule installation or maintenance services.


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