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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Waukesha HVAC Company Reveals Top 5 Air Filtration Systems for Homes

In the U.S, more than 40 million people suffer from year-round allergies. Whether your allergies are mild, extreme, or somewhere in between, our Waukesha Indoor Air Quality technicians recommend an air filtration system to ease the irritating symptoms of allergies/asthma and provide overall healthier indoor air quality, for you and your family to breathe.

How Does An Air Filtration System Work?Air Filtration Waukesha, WI

A properly installed whole-home air filtration system is designed to remove airborne contaminants before you breathe them in. While there are different types and combinations of air cleaners, the overall concept of how an air filtration system works is the same: the air inside your home is brought through a machine or filter to get rid of the contaminants. Watch the air filtration video for more details.

Air Filtration Systems Provide Huge Allergy Relief

The hustle and bustle of daily living stirs up particles and contaminants including things like dust, pet dander and fur, dead skin, viruses, mold, insect feces, bug shells, hair, mold, fabric fibers from wool, silk and cotton, and more. When the weather is nice most of us like to open our windows and doors for the fresh air, however for those that suffer from allergies that can mean allergens like pollen, grass, and dust are blown in and settle in our carpet, on our furniture, and inside our air duct system.

Naturally, we think they’re doing a good thing when we dust and vacuum (who doesn’t like a clean house or office!) The only problem is dusting and vacuuming stirs up a LOT of allergens which have settled on your furniture, in your carpets, on your blinds, drapes, etc. Without an indoor air filtration system these contaminants get stirred up back into the air, causing major problems for allergy sufferers.

5 Types of Air Filtration Systems for Allergy Relief

Air filtration systems have a few main features that can be mixed and matched to customize the best system for your home or business. The main features of an air filtration system are: a quality air filter, UV light, or a combination of both. Depending on your needs and heating and air conditioning system, while the combination of air purification system feature choices are endless, however if allergies are a concern, we recommend choosing from the following air filtration solutions:

Waukesha HVAC Installer HEPA Filter. HEPA filters have intense filtration power and are the most successful at trapping very small airborne particles including things like mold and bacteria. HEPA filters are not MERV rated because their filter capabilities exceed testing protocols used to determine the highest MERV rating. In other words, a HEPA filter is off the MERV chart. Most HEPA filters have some level of activated carbon based material to absorb odors and chemicals not caught by the HEPA filter.

Menomonee Falls HVAC

UV Light. If you already have a good media filter or air filtration system, UV lights work great as an ancillary HVAC solution to kill bacteria and allergens such as mold.
Waukesha Air Purification HVAC Installation

Media Filter. Media filter is a furnace filter that’s thicker than a standard 1” filter. The MERV rating determines the types of contaminants it can remove from the air.

Menomonee Falls HVAC Installer On Demand Air Purifier. Air purifiers are installed as part of your existing heating and air conditioning system and work only when your HVAC system is running. Similar to a media filter, the air in your home runs through a quality filter to deliver clean air throughout your home or business. The main difference is an on demand air purifier works when you want it to, not just when your furnace or AC is on – which can be important because after vacuuming, when visitors are over, or during allergy season you may need more air filtration.

Menomonee Falls Air Purification
UV Light with Air Purifier.
UV light technology kills airborne contaminants like mold and bacteria. We recommend a solution such as the Field Controls Healthy Home Duo which has an air purifier to remove the zapped contaminants instead of allowing them to recirculate through the air.

Contact our Menomonee Falls HVAC team to learn more about indoor allergy relief or to schedule air filtration system installation or maintenance service.

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