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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Tips on Keeping Your Home Cool and Energy Efficient

Capital Heating & Cooling’s Waukesha Air Conditioning Company Helps You Stay Cool and Comfortable While Keeping Energy Costs Down

AC Service WaukeshaOur HVAC Waukesha area technicians know it’s not always easy (or cost-effective) to keep your home dry, cool and comfortable during hot and muggy Wisconsin summers. Unfortunately, many homeowners often have to choose between cost and comfort, well no more! Our Waukesha air conditioning service technicians have provided valuable tips to help you stay cool without your wallet take all the heat.

  1. Open windows at night if the weather is comfortable and close them early in the morning before the heat of the day sets in.
  2. Keep doors shut to rooms which aren’t being used and make sure the vents in those rooms are closed as well.
  3. Keep garage doors cracked about a foot and preferably an adjacent window open as well to allow maximum air flow. This helps keep your garage and, in turn, your home cooler. It also helps keep spare rooms at a more comfortable temperature if they’re located above the garage.
  4. Utilize shades and blinds on windows, screen doors, sliding doors and other glass doors.
  5. Don’t use appliances like dishwashers, dryers and ovens during the day. Instead, run these at night when the weather is cooler and your home can withstand the extra heat being generated.
  6. Use ceiling fans and box fans to better circulate cool air.
  7. Schedule an AC maintenance appointment with one of our Waukesha air conditioning service technicians to ensure your system is running at optimum performance and efficiency. Regular ac maintenance is also important to reduce the occurrence of costly and inconvenient breakdowns later on.
  8. Have your home professionally sealed. This upfront cost can significantly reduce utility bills associated with heating and cooling your home. A one-time sealing keeps your home as energy efficient as possible for many years to come.
  9. Plant trees near windows and on sides of the house which receive the most sun. The shade and breeze provided by the canopy of leaves will help keep your home cool and fresh.
  10. Buy an energy efficient AC system. When it’s time to purchase or upgrade your AC system, speak with one of our highly skilled Waukesha AC installation service technicians. We’ll select and install the best and most energy efficient AC system for your comfort level, structural layout and budget.

By following these basic but highly effective tips you can help increase your comfort level and decrease your utility bills. For other great heating and cooling tips check out some of the other articles in our Milwaukee HVAC company blog.

Contact our Milwaukee heating and cooling company today for comprehensive and affordable AC service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you need emergency AC repair please call us directly.


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