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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

Waukesha Furnace Cleaning Company Tells All

As summer winds down, homeowners start to think about preparing for the long cold winters in Southeast Wisconsin.  Things like closing up the pool, cleaning up the yard, and making sure your home heating system is ready to operate reliably and efficiently all winter long top the list of our priorities.   Your home’s Waukesha furnace cleaning technician at Capital Heating & Coolingheating system has been stagnant for many months and having a professional HVAC technician thoroughly inspect, adjust and clean your furnace will mean less headaches like furnace repair services for you in the long run.

Furnace Maintenance Save You Time & Money

Like any piece of mechanical equipment, your furnace will operate more efficiently, be more reliable and last longer if it’s kept clean and well maintained.  Our Waukesha HVAC technicians cover an important furnace maintenance checklist that includes a thorough cleaning and inspection of your home’s furnace. With regular furnace maintenance you’ll see benefits such as:

Lower Energy Bills

When dirt and debris collect inside your furnace it restricts airflow which causes your furnace to work harder than it has to, resulting in higher energy bills. Our New Berlin furnace maintenance technicians thoroughly clean the air filter, blower, and other parts that can slow down your HVAC system.

Less Furnace Repairs

With an annual furnace cleaning, our technicians proactively catch parts that are close to failure before you require emergency furnace repair services. Changing or cleaning your air filter allows proper airflow which prevents the blower motor from overheating and eventually burning out.

Extended Equipment Life

Today’s residential furnaces have an average lifespan of 10 years. Preventative HVAC maintenance can extend the life of your home heating system by 8-12 years, compared to a system that relies on reactive repairs. This is no different than a car or your teeth for example; the better care you take of them, the longer they’ll last.

Warranty Coverage

Manufacturers require annual maintenance by an HVAC professional to keep your HVAC system warranty valid. Failure to comply with an annual furnace tune up could result in coverage being denied by your furnace manufacturer.

Better Indoor Air Quality

When contaminants are removed from your furnace, they’re no longer being blown through your ductwork and into the air you breathe.

Common Furnace Problems Caused by Lack of HVAC Maintenance

Failure to keep your furnace system clean with regular maintenance can cause big problems like clogged air filters, burnt-out motors, gas or carbon monoxide leaks, and performance of the heat exchanger and burners. These big problems can eventually lead to furnace replacement service.

Clogged air filter

Your furnace filter collects dirt and debris to prevent it from jamming up parts of your furnace. If not cleaned or changed, the filter will eventually become clogged which restricts air flow which puts needless (and preventable) strain on your furnace, causing higher energy bills, increased repairs and a reduced lifetime.

Burnt-out motor

If dust and debris enter the furnace cabinet, they can jam up the moving parts of the blower motors. This extra stress will cause the motors to eventually overheat, burn-out and require replacement.

Gas or Carbon Monoxide

Improper care could result in a gas leak or an unsafe rise in carbon monoxide (CO) levels. Keep in mind you can’t smell it, either. An annual furnace tune up from Capital Heating & Cooling helps keep your family safe this winter by providing local furnace maintenance to keep your unit running efficiently and safely.

Reduced efficiency of heat exchanger

If dust collects across the heat exchangers it will reduce how much heat they can transfer, which will make the furnace run harder and longer to reach the desired temperature, using energy and shortening its lifespan.

Interference with the burners

If the burners are covered with a layer of dust, they will have difficulty drawing the oxygen to light the jets. Additionally, it also makes it more difficult for the jets to send heat to the combustion chamber.

Lower energy bills, less worry and the assurance of comfort during the cold months –are all valid reasons for getting routine furnace service. Having your unit checked gives you one less thing to worry about when the cold air comes. The Waukesha furnace technicians at Capital Heating & Cooling are highly trained in maintenance and repair of commercial and residential furnaces. Years of experience and a dedication to customer satisfaction enables our HVAC technicians to provide the highest quality furnace cleaning services in Milwaukee and beyond.

Contact our Waukesha furnace service technicians! today to request an appointment for furnace maintenance and tune-up services.


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