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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

What to do if your AC system won’t work?

Advice from top HVAC company in New Berlin

We understand the value of a dollar and want to help you stretch your money as far as possible, so let’s start with the easy things – and if these don’t work, then call the professionals at Capital Heating & Cooling for more affordable AC repair solutions.

  • Is furnace switch on?
  • Is the air filter dirty?
  • Is circuit breaker on outside?if circuit breaker is not flipped try pushing the red reset button on the electrical outlet
  • If water is on the floor and you have a condensate pump, push the red “reset” button on electrical outlet.

Do It Yourself AC Repair Fixes to Try Before Calling the Professionals

Air Conditioning system constantly cycles on and off: Are the batteries in the thermostat good? Is the condenser, evaporator unit, and fan clean?

AC isn’t working at all: Is the thermostat set to AC or “cool” Are the batteries in the thermostat good? Is the air filter dirty? Is circuit breaker on outside? If water is on the floor & you have a condensate pump, try pushing the “reset” button on electrical outlet.

AC isn’t cool enough: Is out door condenser unit (big metal grey box) clear of debris? Is the air filter dirty? Block sun from directly shining on the outdoor condenser unit Is insulation worn out on the refrigerant line?

AC Shuts Off Before or Long After I’m Comfortable: Is the thermostat in the right spot? If it’s direct sun, too close to a register, or near a hot oven for example you may have to relocate it.

Cold air isn’t coming out of the registers: Are the refrigerant lines insulated? Is the refrigerant charged?

In addition to affordable AC repair services, Capital has various maintenance packages that includes discounts on repairs, preferred pricing on replacement, seasonal maintenance and even free service calls, depending on which maintenance package you choose.

Contact our New Berlin air conditioner repair and maintenance technicians for all of your AC needs this summer.

Common Problems with Home Air Conditioners

While there could be hundreds of reasons your cooling system isn’t working properly, here’s some of the more common problems with home air conditioners:

No Air Flow: The fan or air handler is responsible for moving air through the house.  If the AC itself is operational but you’re not getting air flow, it could be the air handler, clogged air filter, or a tripped breaker.

No Cold Air. If your air conditioning system turns on but cold air isn’t coming out of the registers it could mean low coolant from a refrigerant leak, dust debris build up on the evaporator, insulation problems around the refrigerant lines, or perhaps the thermostat isn’t working or is set incorrectly.

AC doesn’t turn on at all.  This is one of the most common problems and could be due to a variety of things including bad batteries in the thermostat, bad AC wiring, no power, to a dirty air filter.

AC shuts off. If your cooling system cycles on and off or shuts off before it reaches the desired temperature it could be thermostat issues like bad batteries or incorrect thermostat location.  It could indicate more serious problems with the condenser, evaporator unit or fan.

AC Exchange Rates Are Too High or Too Low: Improperly balanced air conditioner exchange rates affect the efficiency of your system, which can cause unit malfunctions and increased energy bills.

AC Pressure Leaks: Pressure leaks in air conditioners can cause the coil to be frozen over with ice, eventually causing failure in the compressor. Our Waukesha AC repair technicians are experts at detecting and repairing AC leaks early, helping you avoid inconvenient breakdowns and costly AC compressor replacements.

Low AC Coolant: Air conditioner coolant contains a special lubricant for the moving parts within an AC compressor. If coolant levels and pressure within the system drop the internal parts suffer from accelerated wear. This means you’ll be facing an expensive AC compressor replacement a lot sooner than you hoped

If you think your AC system may be malfunctioning, is on the verge of total collapse or is struggling with efficiency and performance, turn to the experts at Capital Heating & Cooling. Our Waukesha HVAC experts provide highly skilled AC repair, installation, and AC maintenance in Milwaukee, Waukesha & Racine counties. If you suspect something is wrong with your AC unit, you’re probably right! The sooner you or our experienced technicians catch these issues, the less costly the solution.

Warning signs your AC is close to a breakdown.

Sometimes, the signals of an impending AC failure are subtle. It may be a squealing sound, a rattling noise or a lack of constant temperature control and efficiency. Sometimes, though, there is trouble brewing even before signs begin to surface. Our Waukesha AC repair technicians identify some of the warning signs:

  • Loud noises when you turn your AC on.
  • Unusually high energy bills when you use your air conditioning system.
  • Strange smells when you run your air conditioning system.
  • AC system turns off before it reaches the desired temperature

If you’re experiencing these air conditioning issues, it’s best to contact the AC repair experts at Capital Heating & Cooling.  Our New Berlin HVAC technicians are highly trained to troubleshoot all types of air conditioning systems.

Top 3 AC Parts the Fail

While there’s a variety of things to watch for, including funny noises like banging when you turn your system on, spiked energy bills, puddles of water or smoke, there’s 3 main reasons why your home’s AC unit will most likely break down this summer. Top 3 parts of your AC system that fail are:

Failed Contactor. Homes equipped with central air-conditioning units will commonly have a split system; half of the appliance resides inside while the remaining portion is permanently set outside. The main component inside is the evaporator and the outdoor portion is called the condenser. Its activation is controlled by the contactor; this switch turns the condenser on and off when the indoor thermostat indicates that more cool air is needed. However, the contactor can fail over time which causes the condenser to perpetually stay on/off. Replacing the air conditioning unit’s contactor is a practical way to repair this issue.

Failed Capacitor. In an air conditioning unit, a capacitor stores electric charge which is required to start the motor systems and to keep them running. There are two motors in the A/C unit and your capacitor acts as a temporary store of electricity providing continuous power to the motors. With a non-functional capacitor, the A/C will not operate. It will consume more electricity, increasing your energy costs due to a partially functioning capacitor, which could also ruin other components of the A/C system.

Failed Fuse or Service Plug. As the weather gets hot, the combined rise in temperature and increased use can blow fuses and cause capacitors & contactor failure. Over time fuses or service plugs need to be repaired/replaced. If either of these has failed, your A/C won’t work.

Repairing each one at a time will add up, and since they commonly fail it’s most cost effective to address them at once. Capital Heating & Cooling offers a Summer Performance Package that includes replacing the contactor, the capacitor, and the fuses, or grease the disconnect service plug to provide better conductivity.

If you are experiencing air conditioner problems, contact our New Berlin AC repair experts for help today!

Air Conditioning Repair Milwaukee Area Trusts for Advice

If none of the above things did the trick, you have a decision to make.  Regardless of what’s wrong with your air conditioner, you have a few choices:

Hire someone to fix it. We strongly suggest leveraging online reviews from other customers before committing to just any HVAC company. Capital Heating & Cooling has over 300 reviews from reputable sources like Google, BBB, Yelp, Angies List, Home Advisor, Customer Lobby and more. Make sure they HVAC repair company you choose is licensed and insured – no need to put yourself at risk for their mistakes and/or injuries! Capital Heating & Cooling offers 24 hour AC repair services in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Racine and Kenosha Counties – so it doesn’t matter WHEN you need AC repair services, we’ll be there!

Replace it. Sometimes the juice isn’t worth the squeeze. If the repair cost is nearly 50% of a new air conditioning unit, you may want to consider a replacement cooling system. Upgrading to a newer, higher SEER rated AC unit will also save energy costs with energy efficiency. Our comfort consultants are available 7 days a week to give you a free, in-home consultation on what a new HVAC system would cost for your home. If you’re already a Capital Rewards Maintenance Plan, you have extra options including applying the money you’ve paid for repairs in the past, towards a replacement unit. Ask about Repair Rebate details.

Sweat. Toss and turn. You get the picture.

Need more air conditioning advice? Contact our Waukesha AC service experts for help.


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