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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

3 Signs to Replace your Commercial Ice Maker

3 Signs to Replace your Commercial Ice Maker

The old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” may end up costing your business more money that you’d think. So, before you have a business-halting repair to your ice maker consider these things:

1. Is my machine making enough ice to meet the needs of my business? 
Making sure your machine is able to keep up with your needs is an important consideration. If it’s not, you’re not only running out of ice but your making your machine work really hard to constantly replenish the supply. If you got your ice maker second hand think about where it came from because bars, restaurants, churches and business all have different ice supply needs. In summary, you may not have the right size equipment. Contact our Milwaukee Commercial Ice Maker specialists to schedule a free consultation talk about your options.

2. Are my water and energy bills high?
Upgrading to an Energy Star rated ice maker can save up to 15% more energy than their traditional counterparts, plus may qualify for LEED credits. Water efficient ice maker machines are air-cooled instead of water-cooled, which means less water is used to make the ice.

3. Does my ice maker always need fixing? 
Constant repairs are not only inconvenient and disruptive to business, they become expensive. Depending on how often you’re dealing with breakdowns or which components need repair, you may be better off putting that money towards a replacement ice maker. On top of costly repair bills, over worn parts such as the evaporator result in a less efficient and less productive machine which causes stress on peak demand times.

Capital Heating & Cooling is the Milwaukee area specialist for Commercial Ice Maker service.  We help businesses of all sizes with their refrigeration and ice maker needs.    Our specialists will help you determine if a new ice maker is in order or perhaps a cleaning, maintenance visit or repair service is better.

Call 414.384.HVAC (4822) or  contact us online today for a free estimate on a replacement commercial ice maker.


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