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Author: laura | September 20, 2018

What’s Included in a Furnace Tune Up?

Ever wonder what happens when the furnace maintenance guy (or gal) shows up?  Why some tune ups are dirt cheap, and others questionable?  Well, we think it’s a valid question – with the varying cost of furnace maintenance, it’s important to know exactly the quality of maintenance services you’re paying for.

Capital Heating & Cooling follows the ACCA standards of residential HVAC systems maintenance.   Due to the comprehensive nature of our furnace maintenance services, you can expect our technicians in your home for roughly 60-90 minutes. Below is a homeowner friendly furnace maintenance checklist that covers the main objectives of a furnace tune up.

Learn what's included with a furnace tune-up from Capital Heating & Cooling in Menomonee Falls.
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Furnace Maintenance Checklist from Milwaukee HVAC Company

We Check Importance
Thermostat Improperly calibrated thermostat affects comfort & operating costs
Proper Exhaust Venting Proper venting ensures no leaks such as Carbon Monoxide and/or water
Airflow Settings Insufficient airflow can cause the motor to overheat
Air Filter Dirty/clogged filter can cause poor air flow, poor indoor air quality & damage to the blower motor
Gas Pressure Wrong pressure settings can cause high energy bills & furnace failure
Igniter Ohms Without igniter flames, your furnace won’t start
Flame Sensor Reading A defective flame sensor prevents your furnace from working
Sensors and Safeties Worn-out sensors can lead to fire, damages, equipment failure & more
Temp Rise Meets Manu. Specs Ensures furnace is working at optimal energy savings, which results in energy savings
CO Leak Carbon Monoxide is an odorless byproduct of a gas furnace & if not ventilated properly can be fatal
Voltage Incorrect voltage can cause motor and circuit board failure
 Amperage Incorrect amperage results in high energy bills & can cause the motor to overheat
Capacitors Worn-out capacitors result in high energy bills & premature motor failure
Inducer Motors for Vibration High vibrations can cause blades to stress & crack
Heat Exchanger Dirty heat exchanger leads to poor air flow, high energy costs & high temp rise
Cabinet Interior Debris (leaves, dirt, etc.) can clog orifices leading to breakdowns and inefficient operation
Pilot Maladjusted pilot flame contributes to high energy costs & furnace failure
Pressure Switch Ensures fuel to air ratio is correct for fuel efficiency & safe operation

Contact a Furnace Maintenance Company in Milwaukee

Hopefully, this furnace maintenance checklist has gotten your wheels turning about knowing what to expect from a reputable HVAC company when it comes to furnace maintenance services in the Milwaukee area.

To schedule a furnace tune up, contact Capital Heating & Cooling online or call 414.384.4822.



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