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Author: laura | October 4, 2016

8 Tips to Get Your Home Heating System Winter Ready

Waukesha Heating Company Gives Expert Advice

Here’s a few easy things you can do yourself to make sure your home’s heating system is operational and save money in the process:

1. Check Furnace Filter

A dirty furnace filter minimizes the air flow that your heating system needs to operate efficiently. Check the furnace filters every month and regularly replace them (every 30-90 days.) Checking less frequently may be an option depending on what type of furnace filter you have. During your next Wauwatosa heating companyfurnace maintenance service, ask your HVAC technician if another type of air filter might be a better choice for your home.

If you need to change your furnace filter in between annual furnace cleanings, try to stock up on furnace filters during the off season to save money.

2. Clean Humidifier

A whole home humidifier is an important part of your homes heating system during dry Wisconsin winters. Maintaining the proper amount of humidity inside your home means you can turn the heat down a few degrees, and in turn save money on heating bills! Before the cold hits it’s a good idea to clean your humidifier and change the evaporator pad to ensure it operates efficiently and keeps your indoor air quality healthy.

Stocking up on humidifier water panels during the off season can help you save a few bucks too.

Contact our Milwaukee HVAC specialists to schedule humidifier cleaning services today.

3. Keep Furnace Area Clean

Remove items stored close to the furnace or boiler, particularly anything that is likely to catch fire. Also, move any items blocking your air duct registers or vents. Proper airflow is imperative to ensuring your home maintains a comfortable temperature and your heating equipment isn’t working harder than it has to. Plus, decluttering just makes you feel better!

4. Bleed Radiator Valves

If you have a hot-water radiator, it is important to bleed the valves so trapped air can escape and your heating system can operate more efficiently. Do this by opening the valves slightly and closing them when water starts to leak through.

5. Check Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Alarms

Winter means we close up the door and windows for months to come. There’s no more important time to ensure your home is free of carbon Brookfield furnace installationmonoxide leaks and has a fully functioning smoke alarm in the event of a fire. Regardless of the type of heating system you have or which local HVAC company you hire, this should be a standard checkpoint included in your annual furnace maintenance visit.

6. Shut Down Your AC System

Saying hello to winter means saying goodbye to your air conditioning system. Shutting down your central air conditioning system properly and making sure the outdoor condenser unit is protected from the outdoor elements with an AC mesh cover is imperative to preserving your air conditioning equipment for next year.

7. Flush Hot Water Tank

Flush your hot water heater tank to remove sediment, and check the pressure relief valve to make sure it’s in proper working order. Doing these things will reduce your chances of a hot water failure while keeping energy bills down.

8. Check for Leaks

Take a look around at your air ducts. Do you notice any holes, leaks, or loose joints? If so, contact a ductwork repair company right away for repairs or ductwork replacement services. These leaks can easily be sealed or ductwork replaced to avoid your hot air from escaping.

In addition to these DIY maintenance tips, the best option to keep your family safe and your furnace performing at optimal levels is to have our Waukesha HVAC professionals out for a furnace maintenance inspection.

Contact our Waukesha HVAC team to schedule a home furnace or boiler inspection now.

Switch Fan Direction

This tip is not related to your home heating system, but Capital Heating & Cooling is always looking for easy ways to save our customers money – we think this one is really helpful: Switch ceiling fans to the reverse or clockwise position, so they blow warm air down to the floor instead of sucking it upward away from you. It seems like a solution too simple to be overly effective; but you wouldn’t believe the difference.

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