Furnace Won’t Start? 4 DIY Tips from our Waukesha Furnace Experts

Hi! My name’s Alex from Capital Heating and Cooling and I’m a service technician. Today we’re going to run through 4 easy steps to check before making an emergency furnace service call:

1. Remove and Inspect the Filter

Remove filter and hold it up to the light. If you can see a good amount of light coming through, then you’re most likely in good shape with your filter.

2. Check the On/Off Switch on the Side of the Furnace

Quite simply, ensure this wasn’t accidentally turned off preventing power to the system.

3. Check Drain Lines

Look in your drain lines for dirt, debris, clogs, or pinches before the drain. This can prevent proper drainage and inhibit operation.

4. Check Circuit Breaker

Check the label for either furnace 1 or furnace 2, flip the switch resetting power to your furnace.

If none of these steps fixes your issue, feel free to call a professional at (262) 735-5548 or fill out the form below. We do same-day appointments and fee-free weekend appointments.

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