Home Depot Trusts Capital Heating & Cooling

Capital Heating & Cooling is proud to be the Authorized Heating & Cooling Service Provider of The Home Depots.

We Provide HVAC to Home Depot customers

Yes, for years now Capital Heating & Cooling has been the “authorized HVAC service provider” of The Home Depot stores.  So, what does that mean?  It means when you trust Home Depot to install a new air conditioning system, or professionally clean your air ducts for example – you’re trusting Capital Heating & Cooling too.  Now, while we’ve had a stellar reputation in SE Wisconsin for quite some time,  that alone doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes earning credibility with The Home Depot.

Only the highest caliber contractors are hand picked by The Home Depots to provide in-home services to their customers.  Service providers like Capital Heating & Cooling, go through an intense screening process that at a high level includes validating:

  • validating our contractor licenses
  • insurance coverage
  • background investigations (from the owners, to sales reps and technicians – everyone!)

So, you can trust every single person Capital Heating & Cooling employee that enters your home, has passed a background investigation and drug screening!  (This is important because sadly, there are companies of sub par quality that will send convicted felons and technicians under the influence into your home.)  And, this is not a one time thing – The Home Depot performs regular  contractor screenings, which includes thorough background investigations and ongoing quality and regulatory compliance audits. Additionally, The Home Depot conducts Quality Reviews of Service Provider’s operations throughout the year.

Meet our Home Depot Team of Brand Ambassadors!

Capital Heating & Cooling employs Brand Ambassadors that are stationed inside the Home Depot stores to help you with your heating, air conditioning, and duct cleaning needs.  So, the next time you’re at Home Depot keep an eye out for the friendly folks wearing the black aprons – they can help you:

Home Depot's authorized HVAC service provider, Capital Heating & Cooling

1. Schedule a free in-home consultation for:

2. Schedule a repair or maintenance visit

3. Indoor Air Quality Services:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Whole home de/humidifier installation
  • Air Ventilation Systems
  • Indoor Air Quality Audit
  • UV light installation

    Pay Using your Home Depot Credit Card, a Project Loan, and 0% Financing!

    Did you know you can pay for your new air conditioner installation, duct cleaning, and other related services with your Home Depot credit card?  Yes, you can!  Or, if HVAC or indoor air quality is part of a bigger project, you can finance them all together with a Home Depot project loan.

To schedule a free in-home consultation, repair, tune-up, or air duct cleaning at the preferred Home Depot pricing, simply as an associate at the store, call 800-HOMEDEPOT, or contact us online and mention Home Depot.


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