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Replace your old AC now & spend more time savoring summer moments like these!

Get a free 90 minute consultation now to discuss your new equipment options, financing & unbelievable deals like tax credits! Whether your AC is flat out broken, using refrigerant that’s no longer being made, or perhaps showing warning signs of failure -help is on the way!

5-Star reputation for AC Installations in Milwaukee & Surrounding Areas

Capital Heating & Cooling employs over 70 awesome people who work hard to provide the very best experience for our customers. And, it’s for this reason that we’ve earned a reputation in the community for being professional, ethical, and dependable.  We understand buying a new cooling system is an investment and can be confusing, that’s why we invest in the best AC installers & consultants to ensure you feel confident & well informed every step of the way. 

Home Depot’s Air Conditioning Installation Partner 

Our stellar reputation has also earned us a seat at the table with The Home Depot as an Authorized Service Provider.  As part of their Home Service Program, the Home Depot partners with installers and home service professionals who meet the highest standards for experience, know-how and customer service to get your installation project done right.

As an Authorized Service Provider, Capital Heating & Cooling provides heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and indoor air quality solutions such as air duct cleaning to Home Depot customers throughout SE Wisconsin.

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What kind of guarantee does Capital Heating & Cooling offer?

Capital Heating & Cooling stands behind all our work with multiple guarantees.  Those most relevant to the installation of your air conditioning system include:

Up to 10 year labor warranty

If, within up to ten (10) years, of installation, you experience any equipment failure of your new system, you won’t pay a dime for the failed equipment repair/replacement as long as you maintain your system annually with preventative maintenance performed by Capital Heating & Cooling.

Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee

We provide an all-inclusive LIFETIME workmanship promise on the products & installation of your system.

Warranty Registration Guarantee

Anyone can make something cheaper by cutting corners on you. 40% of contractors never register the manufacturer warranty on the equipment they installed; while they save time, your coverage suffers. We guarantee to register the equipment we installed with the manufacturer.

Rebate Registration Guarantee

While many contractors delegate this task to you, we believe you deserve a higher level of customer service. We guarantee to process the rebates you qualify for to ensure you receive the money you deserve.

No Lemon Guarantee

Our no lemon guarantee protects you against major breakdowns on the major components of your system, the heat exchanger, and the compressor. If these parts fail within five (5) years, we’ll replace the entire furnace, boiler and/or air conditioning condenser at no charge to you.

To learn more about these guarantees and more, check out Capital Heating & Cooling’s Guarantees.

How much does a new air conditioner cost?

When it comes to how much it costs for a new air conditioner, there’s a boat load of conflicting answers out there:  Home Advisor says $7,200-$10,500, Back Alley Bob says $1,800 if he can crash on your couch, your neighbors said they paid $1,500 in 1970 and Improve.net says $5,500-$10,000.  Not helpful.

Asking how much an air conditioning system costs is pretty much like asking how much a car costs.  Are you buying a BMW or a Ford Fiesta? A4 cylinder or a V8? Are low monthly payments or reliability most important? And the list goes on… HVAC isn’t much different except the main factors that impact the cost of a new air conditioner include:

  1. Equipment size
  2. Energy Efficiency
  3. Caliber of HVAC company you choose to work with
  4. Financing, tax credits & available rebates

So, as a homeowner with a lot of information at your fingertips it’s important to remember the new car analogy when your start to read about the “national averages” or “a typical price ranges.” The best way to find out what if would cost to get a new air conditioner installed is talk with a comfort adviser.  Consultations are free and last roughly 90 minutes.

Call 414.384.4822, submit an online form or contact us online to request a free in-home consultation.

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