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Why invest in annual furnace maintenance or bother getting your furnace tuned up? The reasons are endless: extend the life of your heating system, avoid expensive repairs, and increase the energy efficiency of your system, resulting in lower energy bills. In short: a small expenditure right now can save you four figures or more in the future. encourages American consumers to get regular furnace tune-ups and also provides a heating and cooling maintenance checklist so you can be informed and educated when making this decision.

Read more about why furnace maintenance is an integral part of home ownership below.

Top 5 Benefits of Furnace Maintenance

1. Furnace Cleaning Lower Heating Bills

A dirty furnace works harder than it has to, to heat your home – which in turn costs more to operate by using more energy.  Most Milwaukee area homeowners already cringe when the heating bills come, but add a dirty furnace to the mix and you’re just throwing money away.  Our furnace maintenance technicians follow the globally recognized  ACCA furnace maintenance standards to ensure a thorough inspection and cleaning of the air filter, blower motor, and other parts that can slow your HVAC system down.

2. Furnace Maintenance Means Fewer Repair Bills

So many furnace  repairs could be avoided by scheduling a preseason  maintenance visit.  With an annual furnace tune up, our technicians cover an extensive furnace maintenance checklist to proactively catch issues and fix parts of your heating system that are close to failure, before it requires an emergency service call.

3. Your Furnace Will Last Longer

Preventative furnace maintenance will extend the lifespan of your heating equipment, compared to a system that solely relies on reactive repairs. A furnace like any other mechanical system requires scheduled cleanings and adjustments; without proper maintenance, the parts of a furnace can overheat, wear out, snap, or crack – leading to premature furnace failure.

4. Furnace Warranty Won’t Be Voided

HVAC manufacturers require annual maintenance by a professional to keep your equipment warranty valid. Failure to comply with an annual furnace tune-up could result in HVAC warranty coverage being denied by your furnace manufacturer.

5. A Clean Furnace Means Cleaner Indoor Air

When contaminants like dust and debris are removed from your furnace, they’re no longer being blown through your duct work and into the air you breathe.

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